The "1+X" landing sound has several moves

As the main force of vocational education, higher vocational colleges are also important participants in the "1+X" certificate system。To put this new system into practice, colleges and universities should come up with effective ways to effectively improve the quality of technical skills training。

Implementation measures of "1+X"

Top-level design is the foundation。Vocational colleges are the main implementary body of the "1+X" certificate system. As a major reform measure and system design, it will leverage the all-round reform of school education concept, governance model, system mechanism and resource allocation。The school party committee and administration must strengthen the overall leadership and fully implement the "1+X" certificate system from the top-level design。Schools should set up "1+X" certificate system pilot work leading group, office and professional project implementation group,Adjust and set up the professional construction steering committee and the textbook construction and selection committee,Revise and improve the relevant teaching management, fund management and other systems,Thus, it provides a strong guarantee for the implementation of the "1+X" certificate system in terms of organization, system and funds。

Documentation accommodation is the key。"X" certificate is a new type of certificate, which is different from the traditional national vocational qualification certificate and industry enterprise certification certificate。为此,Vocational colleges should organically integrate the content and requirements of certificate training into professional personnel training programs,Optimize the curriculum according to vocational skill level standards,Timely incorporation of new technologies, new processes, new norms and new requirements into the teaching content,Make the professional teaching content reflected in the academic certificate basically cover the corresponding vocational skill level certificate standards,So as to realize the accommodation of documents and evidence。In addition, we must actively build vocational education "credit bank", build the national qualification framework of mutual recognition of general education certificate and vocational grade certificate, and integrate with the global corresponding framework, so as to accelerate the process of promoting the internationalization of vocational education in China。

The "three education" reform is the support。To implement the "1+X" certificate system, it is difficult to meet the requirements by relying on school teachers, existing textbooks and traditional teaching methods, and we must deepen the integration of production and education and promote the reform of the "three education"。In terms of teachers, it is necessary to cooperate with industry enterprises, explore the mechanism of teaching and production post exchange and mutual employment of full-time teachers, and take multiple measures to create a "double qualified" teacher team, especially around the "X" certificate course module, and set up a modular innovative teaching team。In terms of teaching materials, the traditional development methods and forms of expression should be changed, the school-enterprise dual cooperation should be developed to develop three-dimensional and loose-leaf teaching materials, and the new technologies, new processes and new norms should be incorporated into the teaching materials in a timely manner。In terms of teaching methods, it is necessary to widely apply real-time interactive, mobile learning and other information teaching modes in education and teaching according to the characteristics of students, popularize project teaching and case teaching, promote mixed teaching and modular teaching and other new teaching modes, and promote students' autonomous, ubiquitous and personalized learning。

"1+X" quality assurance

The success of the "1+X" certificate system also depends on the quality of the "X" certificate。This requires strict quality control from all aspects of certificate development, training and assessment, and the establishment of a quality assurance system。

The first is the quality assurance of certificate development。Training and evaluation organizations should gather leading enterprises and experts from colleges and universities, focus on international advanced technology fields, and carry out high-quality standard development, teaching materials and learning resources development, site construction, assessment and certification。

The second is the quality assurance of certificate training。Vocational colleges should coordinate the professional group resources, organically integrate the post or post group standards reflected in the certificate with the professional teaching standards, integrate the certificate training content into the professional personnel training program, and carry out high-quality "X" certificate training。

In addition, it is necessary to establish the "entry and exit" mechanism of training evaluation organizations and pilot colleges, and control the quality of certificates in the whole process。

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